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The Oakes AMPRIDE C-Store (Convenience Store) is pleased to provide a number of products and services for our customers along with our helpful customer service to assist you with directions, events and services in the Oakes area.

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Ampride C-Store Services

  • 24-hour Fuel and Gas Islands
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  • ND Lottery
  • Cappuccino and coffee dispensers
  • Schwan’s soft serve ice cream
  • Noon Buffet Specials

Credit Cards

Farmland Ampride C-Store has a host of Major Credit Card options to fit every type of business or lifestyle.  Whether you need to fuel your family car or a fleet of 200 tractor/trailers, there is a Cenex credit card designed to meet your personal or commercial needs. In addition, Cenex Gift Cards are available for any occasion, including rewarding your employees. Click here for more information.


2016-07-08 04:07:06 EDT
CLARIFICATION: AAA Documents Benefits of TOP TIER Gasolines

(Clarifies that “TOP TIER” is a trademark.)

A new AAA-sponsored study found that TOP TIER (TM) gasolines averaged 19 times fewer engine deposits than non-TOP TIER gasolines after 4,000 miles of simulated driving, the association announced yesterday. The organization urged drivers to use a gasoline that meets TOP TIER standards for engine cleanliness and performance.

“AAA was surprised to learn the extent to which detergent additives impact
gasoline quality,” stated John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of automotive
engineering and repair. “As advertised, tested TOP TIER gasolines kept engines
remarkably cleaner than other fuels we tested.”

The association also sponsored a survey of 1,002 consumers that found that 12% of U.S. drivers choose a gas station based on whether it contains an enhanced detergent package. Other reasons respondents have for selecting a gas station were: station location (75%), price (73%) and rewards program (29%).

The survey also revealed that 47% of respondents don’t regularly buy gasoline
that contains an enhanced detergent additive. Also, men (44%) were more likely than women (26%) to regularly buy a gasoline that contains an enhanced detergent package. And baby boomers (41%) are more likely than millennials (32%) to buy such a package.

The study also found that the average pump price difference between TOP TIER and non-TOP TIER gasoline was 3cts/gal over a 12-month period.

For the study on the effectiveness of TOP TIER gasolines, AAA selected six fuel
brands from the southern Texas market by first defining all major brands in the
geographic region. Then, it divided those brands into two groups: TOP TIER and non-TOP TIER gasoline, according to a report detailing the study. After that, a random number generator program was used to randomly select the actual fuel brands to be tested.

Next, the test lab gathered the fuels by selecting a retailer in the test area
without any input or direction from AAA, the report states. The fuel samples
that were collected weren’t boutique fuels “so the test results should be
representative for the majority of the United States,” the report explains. (The
report doesn’t identify the brands that were tested, and an association
representative declined to identify them when asked by Oil Express.)

To measure intake valve and combustion chamber deposits, AAA used the services of an independent International Standards Organization 17025 certified engine testing lab to perform an American Society for Testing and Materials standard test for fuels, according to the association.