Maintaining Home Comfort on the Farm

To maintain comfort on the farmstead, in the farmhouse for the whole family, it’s not always best do do everything yourself. I know many farmers who love to do everything themselves out of pride but most of them are unhappy because they’re always on the grind.

I think the future of farm life involves sharing responsibility with local professionals. For example, if you need a new brick dividing wall to separate animals, you might want to call a stone masonry company instead of getting the kids to stack bricks all day. These are NOT the 1800s any more, and farmer pride is only holding people back from growing their farms more quickly.

Maintaining comfort on the farm has never been easier throughout history than it is today in 2020 with professional services like stump grinding, landscape design, appliance repair, at the push of a button on your phone. So remember, home comfort doesn’t mean working hard all day doing everything yourself just so you can relax with a stiff drink in the den every Sunday night, although there’s nothing more satisfying at times.

Comfort in the farm home means working with locals to make life easier, to have the time to get back to what you love, and in turn the produce that your farm produces can be grown more easily and benefit locals more.

It’s a win-win!