On Being Sad

Welcome to part 2 of our emotional series. This time we’ll be talking about sadness.

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What does being sad mean to me? It means the following 5 things.

  1. It’s really hard not to be annoyed by the laughter of strangers, but I wish I had the strength to laugh.
  2. Sad music feels slightly uplifting.
  3. Food tastes better, especially a lot of unhealthy food.
  4. The only way to get out of a sad slump, seemingly, is to quit blaming others for my own emotions and to use my reason and logic to remind myself that being sad is my own fault and that I need to change my mode of thinking.
  5. My health decreases.

To be honest, it’s nice to be sad every once in a while. This is a time for me to catch up on movies I’ve never seen, to re-read my favorite books and reflect on my purpose in life. It makes being happy more meaningful. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m sad, but I use it as an occasion to cuddle at home and enjoy home comfort to make myself feel better. I make warm soup, get a haircut, other such things,and after a few days when I’m feeling better it seems that life is better.

In other words, being sad every once in a while is necessary for experiencing happiness and moving forward in life.