Mold on the Farm

If you’re a rural farmer then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with mold. Mold loves to grow in places where the eye can’t see. It’s almost as if it’s hiding because it knows that if we see it, we will be there to remove it. It’s one thing to get a spray bottle and clean mold yourself. But other times you must hire a remediation company if the mold has grown to extreme proportions.

It often grows behind the walls, under the floor and in the attic. In my experience, it loves to grow in the damp barn where the animals stay. There was a musky smell in the barn a few years ago and it turned out that black mold was growing in the rafters. It cost a lot to get it professionally inspected and abated. I’m glad I did though, for the health of my animals. I’m still paranoid it’ll grow back, so I check if there’s mold growing there every few months. For me this was a big part of sustaining comfort on the farm. Knowing that there’s no mold behind my walls is a great relief.

Some rural farms are too far removed from cities to have a mold removal company nearby. In these cases farmers must become remediators and remove the mold themselves. On Vancouver Island where my aunt has a small farm near the middle of nowhere in North Saanich, she refused to do this because she wanted it professionally done. I recommend other farmers learn from her lesson. What she did was call many different companies until she found the mold removal Victoria BC company that could help her. The company was based in Victoria but was willing to travel to most places on Vancouver Island to help people with their mold problems, including my aunt’s small farm.

If you’re as consistent as my aunt, there’s a good chance you’ll find experts that are at least relatively close enough to make the trip to your farm for the right price. It’s very important to get rid of mold in sheds and greenhouses that grow food because the spores could get into the food and this isn’t good, especially if it’s produce that you’re selling to other people.

If you leave a farm dilapidated and let nature run wild, you’ll find the farm covered in mold. It creates what looks tantamount to an apocalyptic set in a movie. I’ve visited such abandoned farms in Manitoba in my youth, and the smell was horrendous. This is why it’s important for farms to be well kept and cleaned regularly. If people found out that the farms that produced their food have mold problems then they wouldn’t eat the produce anymore.

This is why I think farms are one of the worst places to let mold grow. As farmers it’s our responsibility to make sure mold is treated wherever it is found on our farmland. And that’s my lesson on farm life for today. Just remember to be consistent in your search for a remediation company that can help. I hope you learned something and enjoyed the read.