Going Back to Your Love


The farmland is my love. I always go back to her. When I’m in the city for too long, I think about all the joys of farm life. Living on the ranch and doing what you need to do to get by, not what you want to do to pass another day. I love life on the farm so much that I cry when I think too deeply about it.

I should stop while I’m ahead because I’m already tearing up while writing this. But, Hell, no one else is going to write it. So here I am. Back where I belong. I’m on the farm, loving life.

Where does your heart rest? Wherever it is, I hope you make it there. Because that’s where you’ll be happy. If not, then you have yet to learn what it is because you know something’s missing. Am I right?

We need to all find that special place. Whether it’s the city or the jungle, you’ll find it. You only have to keep looking, friend.