Christmas on the Farm (Am I the Grinch?)

After reading this, maybe you can tell me whether I’m the Grinch or not, because my family seems to think I am.

Here are 5 reasons why my family thinks I’m the Grinch, just to start:

  1. I refuse to go Christmas shopping.
  2. I hate having Christmas lights up in and on the house.
  3. I like to be alone, hence loathing Christmas dinners.
  4. I never reply to Christmas cards.
  5. I strongly dislike and do whatever it takes to avoid Christmas music.

Besides these 5 things and some other factors, though, I never go out of my way to spoil Christmas for others. I just spoil it for myself.

This all means that Christmas on the farm for me is like any other time of year. My family takes turns hosting Christmas so every 7th year or so my farm is filled with roisterers, but usually it’s pretty calm. On those rare years when I have to host Christmas, it’s rather annoying to have all these dreadful decorations go up right after you got the whole farm cleaned and settled for the winter. But oh well.

The one thing about Christmas that I can put up with is all the delicious home cooking. I may hate being crowded around the table with yapping family, but I do love a good turkey.

That’s Christmas on the farm for me, but don’t let that spoil your holidays. Either way, I hope your Christmas is wonderful. Bye for now.